Tree Removal in Medford NJ

Garden Graphics performs tree removal services in Medford, New Jersey. We have modern tree removal equipment including a brand new stump grinder and log splitter. Our company is headquartered in Medford, NJ and if there is one thing Medford residents understand it is trees. Medford and Medford Lakes are both covered with very large, old trees. Every time there is a major storm in Medford, we experience a huge influx of phone calls regarding downed trees and branches. A few years back we actually had some major straight-line winds that postponed our beloved Medford Lakes Canoe Carnival and damaged many of the floats in the competition.

If you need tree removal services in Medford or Medford Lakes then you should call one of your neighbors who has the tools to get the job done. Call your Medford neighbors at Garden Graphics LLC. We are your local tree removal experts.