Mt. Laurel Landscaping Companies

If your are looking for Landscaping companies in Mount Laurel, NJ you have many options. A quick Google search brings up about a dozen landscaping companies in the Mt. Laurel area that you could select from. A few of the landscaping companies in Mt. Laurel are giant operations that are primarily focused on commercial work and maintaining large estates. Two of these companies in particular are very expensive. If you can afford them…good for you! The rest of us common folk can’t afford those absurdly high rates.

That brings me to the point of this article. If you want to hire a quality landscaping company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey but you can’t afford to hire one of the two behemoths, try giving Garden Graphics a call. We are fully licensed and insured landscape design and installation company located just minutes from Mt. Laurel. We would be happy to give you a professional and accurate quote to design or maintain your Mt. Laurel landscaping.

South Jersey Hardscaping Companies

We are a Hardscaping and Paver Design company in South Jersey. Hardscaping is basically landscaping with hard pavers, stones, blocks, bricks or timber. You have probably seen a lot of beautiful hardscaping designs through southern New Jersey and wondered how much it costs to have that kind of landscaping done. The truth is that hardscaping jobs can range in the low thousands to the very high tens of thousands depending on the scope of the project.

Garden Graphics is a full-service landscaping company in Medford, New Jersey that has been hardscaping South Jersey properties for almost a decade. We understand that every project has a unique set of criteria and a specific budget. We will work with you to maximize your results while minimizing your budget. A good hardscaping job should last 25-30 years if it is well maintained and it can add a significant resale value to your South Jersey home.

Tabernacle Landscaping Companies

Good luck finding a landscaping company in Tabernacle New Jersey. A quick Google search pulls up nothing. Tabernacle is a pretty rural town but a great place to live. Garden Graphics is a landscaping company located just minutes from Tabernacle in Medford. We have a good number of landscaping clients throughout Tabernacle and all of South Jersey.

We specialize in:

  • Landscape Design & Installation
  • Custom Paver Designs
  • Tree Services
  • Water Features
  • Lawn Maintenance