Landscape Redesign in Medford, NJ

Landscape Redesign in Medford, NJ

Our team at Garden Graphics recently completed this landscape redesign in Medford, NJ in late 2019 for the Baron Family on Cardinal Ridge Road in Medford, NJ. The customer was looking to rehab their current landscape that was showing its age and being ravaged by the local deer population & other wildlife (as is typical in Medford). We at Garden Graphics LLC were able to design and implement a landscape that not only fits the clients needs, budget and aesthetic goals. Our team started by working directly with the customer to agree upon a design concept and layout for their property. Next, our Garden Graphics team removed all the old railroad ties, plantings, and concrete pavers. The concrete paver work was changed to better flow the area together and offer a more spacious area. To finish out this new project, our team of experts installed new “deer resistant” plantings that will prevent deer and local wildlife from destroying their lush landscaping and allow all their new plantings to last for years to come. If you are looking to rehabilitate your landscape, or get new landscaping installed, contact us for a free estimate.

“Jeff the job looks great. Thank You. Everything is perfect!”
– Mr. Baron, Medford, NJ 

Features of Landscape Redesign in Medford, NJ

  • Computer Design of New Landscape
  • New Deer Resistant Plants
  • Upgraded patio, pavers and grading
  • Done in 2 weeks start to finish (do days off)

Photos of Landscape Redesign Project in Medford, NJ

Marlton Landscaping Companies

Marlton Landscaping Companies

If you are a homeowner looking to beautify your outdoor space, go with a proven local company. Let Garden Graphics be the answer to your search for Marlton landscaping companies! We offer a full suite of landscaping services, including lawn mowing, landscape design, hardscapes and much more. We have served the Marlton area for over 20 years, and we’re looking forward to improving the value and beauty of your home.

Not all landscaping companies are committed to the same positive vision that we are. Garden Graphics is a very experienced, fully insured, family owned and operated landscape design, installation and maintenance company. We want to provide the best possible landscaping services that we can so that you are proud of the way it looks for years to come.

We believe in not just getting the job done, but getting the job done the right way. Landscaping is an art and we’ve seen companies treat landscaping as just another business transaction. We put the necessary time and effort into making each of our clients’ landscaping wishes come true. Trust Garden Graphics with your landscaping development and maintenance.

Call Your Marlton Landscaping Professionals Today.

Take the first step towards a beautiful and functional outdoor space, and improved curb appeal and resale value for your Marlton home. Let Garden Graphics be your choice in Marlton landscaping companies. Visit our front page to find out more about our services, or contact us here to find out more!

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Plantings and Natural Stonework in Tabernacle, NJ

Plantings & Natural Stonework in Tabernacle, NJ

Garden Graphics recently completed the design and installation of plantings and natural stonework in Tabernacle, NJ at the home of Jeff. Jeff had an area of his property that in his words was “wasted space”. It took a crew of 3 guys only 3 days to complete this beautiful installation of a small retaining wall and walkway. We even worked in an old farm plow that Jeff had sitting on his property.

What was once an overlooked corner of his property is now a captivating focal point, thanks to our team’s expertise and Jeff’s vision.

The challenge? Transforming a “wasted space” into an inviting, functional area that seamlessly blended with Jeff’s existing landscape. Our solution? A three-day design and installation blitz that incorporated five key elements:

1. Meticulous Design: Our seasoned landscape architects carefully assessed the space, factoring in sun exposure, drainage, and Jeff’s personal preferences. They then crafted a design that maximized functionality while creating a visually striking centerpiece.

2. Durable Beauty: Fieldstone walls and walkways were expertly installed, adding textural contrast and rustic charm. These natural elements provided a sturdy foundation for the next phase – the plantings.

3. Vibrant Life: We hand-selected a vibrant mix of perennials, shrubs, and ornamental grasses, ensuring year-round visual interest and attracting pollinators. The careful placement of each plant created a layered tapestry of foliage and blooms.

4. Historic Touch: What better way to add personality than by incorporating a piece of Jeff’s own history? We seamlessly integrated an old farm plow into the design, transforming it from a forgotten relic into a conversation-starting focal point.

5. Client Satisfaction Guaranteed: The true measure of success? A happy client. Jeff couldn’t be more thrilled with the transformation. “It was a wasted space on my property,” he says, “Now it’s a huge conversation piece. My friends and neighbors always comment on the plow in my yard and how cool it looks!”

Jeff’s transformed space is a testament to our commitment to collaborative design, masterful execution, and creating outdoor spaces that truly exceed expectations. We’re proud to have turned a forgotten corner into a beautiful, functional extension of Jeff’s home, one that brings him joy and inspires others.

5 Key attributes of the Natural & Plantings Stonework in Tabernacle, NJ

1. Designed area
2. Installed field stone walls and walks.
3. Installed new Plantings
4. Install old Farm art Plow and wheels

“I am so stoked about how this project came out. It really was a wasted space on my property. Now it is a huge conversation piece. My friends and neighbors always comment on the plow in my yard and how cool it looks!”
– Jeff: Homeowner

Photos of Plantings & Natural Stonework in Tabernacle, NJ

If you are interested in plantings and natural stonework in Tabernacle, NJ and updating your landcaspe that is currently a “wasted space”, contact the pros at Garden Graphics for a free no-obligation consultation. We can even do preliminary designs to show you how your transformation will take shape.