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New Fence and Retaining Wall in Marlton, NJ

New Fence and Retaining Wall in Marlton

Garden Graphics recently built a new fence and retaining wall at a home in Marlton, NJ. We first removed and disposed of an old fence and railroad tie wall. We installed a new railroad tie wall and a 6-foot-high cedar stockade fence. This client has a full multi-year Landscaping master plan that we have been executing in a sequential order. Landscape master planning ensures that you achieve your goals over a longer period of time in project chucks that you can afford. 

Highlights of New Fence and Retaining Wall in Marlton, NJ

1. Garden Graphics has worked with this client by fulfilling their landscaping needs for the past 4 years.
2. We have worked in an incremental fashion, based on a master plan designed by Garden Graphics for budgeting purposes.
3. Jobs that have been completed include the installation of a front and side paver walkway, installation of a front paver wall, replacement of the front plantings, replacement of the rear railroad tie wall, and replacement of the backyard fence.
4. Our business-customer relationship has been well maintained, with the client always being satisfied with the pricing and final reveal for each project.

Photos of New Fence and Retaining Wall in Marlton, NJ

Fire Pit and Stone Seating Area in Marlton, NJ

fire pit and stone seating area in Marlton, NJ

Garden Graphics recently completed a new fire pit and stone seating area in Marlton, NJ at the home of Eric. We had to remove and dispose of some turf (grass) to allow for new Hardscape project to be installed. We installed paver walk, sitting wall, steps and a fire pit area. The job was completed in 3 days using a 3 man crew. 

Highlights of fire pit and stone seating area in Marlton, NJ

  • Designed Hardscape.
  • Remove turf
  • Installed paver walk, steps, sitting wall, fire pit.

Photos of fire pit and stone seating area in Marlton, NJ

Medford Tree Removal, Stump Removal & Tree Pruning

Medford Tree Removal, Stump Removal & Tree Pruning

Garden Graphics Tree Service in Medford New Jersey serves the needs of businesses and homeowners in Medford, Marlton, Shamong, Tabernacle, Lumberton and Southampton. Our tree team works year-round and can be dispatched at a moment’s notice in the case of a tree emergency. We have the equipment, manpower and resources to handle the largest and most complicated tree jobs. Our non-intrusive aerial lift allows us to navigate tight areas without risking damage to your property. This makes tree pruning and tree removal jobs go much faster, and when we save time, you save money. Click the links to learn more about tree removal, tree pruning, and stump grinding services from Garden Graphics Tree Services.

Medford Tree Removal Services

Our tree removal services are focused on extracting your trees without disturbing your home, yard and landscaping. While trees serve to beautify and shade our properties, they can also become deadly dangerous and hazardous to our homes and property when they are not properly cared for. This is something that homeowners in wooded communities like Medford and Medford Lakes are far too familiar with. Our aerial lift allows us to access treetops without destroying the surrounding landscape and vegetation. We use trusted and safe tree climbing methods to tackle taller trees, like the tall pines of Medford and Medford Lakes. Our tree removal service is on call 24/7 in the case of an emergency such as a fallen tree or large limbs that pose a danger to structures or residents.

Medford Tree Pruning Services

Our tree pruning services are designed to improve the look of your trees while protecting your family and your home from potentially dangerous falling limbs. Pruning is the best way to maintain the health of your trees and it prevents disease, insect and decay organisms from infesting them. Tree pruning also helps to regulate the growth of your trees and improves their overall aesthetic. Trees rarely grow evenly, unless they have the perfect amounts of even sunshine, shade and water. Pruning trees helps to even out areas of faster or slower growth to give your trees a more symmetrical look.

Pruning fruit trees is important to their ability to bloom and bear fruit seasonally. By pruning fruit trees regularly, concentrate the amount of resources the tree uses on each bloom. This may give you fewer fruits in the short run but will ensure the quality longevity of your fruit bearing trees for man seasons to come.

Medford Stump Grinding Services

Our stump grinding services are included with every tree removal job, but many of our clients call us to remove stumps they have had in their yard for years. Tree stump removal is quick and easy with our stump grinding machine. We can grind down your tree stumps and reduce them to mulch in very little time. Removing tree stumps helps to prevent termites, beetles, ants, and other unwanted pests from infesting your property.

Why remove tree stumps?

  • They are dangerous tripping hazards
  • They decrease property values
  • Old Stumps cause new growth
  • Harmful chewing insects love tree stumps