Medford Landscaping Company

Garden Graphics is a full-service landscape design company in Medford, NJ. We specialize in:

  • Medford Landscape Design
  • Medford Landscape Lighting
  • Medford Landscape Plantings
  • Water Features
  • Medford Lawn Maintenance
  • Medford Tree Service and Snow Removal

Landscape Design is the art of designing exterior spaces. This includes impressionable spaces, such as a drive approach and front entry and functional spaces, such as retaining walls, steps and walks. Landscape Design also considers passive spaces, such as patios and ponds as well as active spaces, such as playgrounds and pools. A good landscape design considers not only aesthetics and use of the space, but also other conditions such as environment, drainage, feasibility, function and safety. Our local Medford New Jersey Landscaping team will guarantee that your new exterior space meet your desires and requirements while adhering to local Medford municipal codes and standards.