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South Jersey Landscaping Services

South Jersey Landscaping Services


At Garden Graphics LLC, we understand that our South Jersey landscaping services presents a unique challenge for each home and business. We are surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pinelands, and it is important to us to preserve that beauty while still creating landscapes that are functional and enjoyable.

That’s why we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our South Jersey landscaping services. Instead, we work with each client to develop a personalized landscape design that complements and enhances their existing natural surroundings.

For example, a house in Medford Lakes should not have the same cookie-cutter landscaping as a house in a Cherry Hill suburban neighborhood. The Cherry Hill house would require more plantings and foliage to achieve a natural look, because most neighborhoods in Cherry Hill are surrounded by developed land.

The Medford Lakes home, on the other hand, is already surrounded by nature. So, our goal would be to utilize those existing natural elements in the landscape design. This might involve incorporating native plants, preserving existing trees and shrubs, and creating features such as water gardens or butterfly gardens that attract wildlife.

At Garden Graphics LLC, we believe that South Jersey landscaping is not about selling clients a service. It is about enhancing the beauty of your home’s natural surroundings and creating a space that you can enjoy and be proud of.

Examples of How Our South Jersey Landscaping Services Help Preserve The Natural Landscape of Your Property:

  • Plant native plants: Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, so they are less likely to require irrigation or fertilizers. They also provide food and shelter for native wildlife.
  • Preserve existing trees and shrubs: Trees and shrubs provide shade, wind protection, and privacy. They also help to improve air and water quality.
  • Minimize the use of hard surfaces: Hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, can increase stormwater runoff and pollute local waterways. Instead, use permeable surfaces, such as gravel or pavers, whenever possible.
  • Create features that attract wildlife: Wildlife gardens, water features, and bird feeders can all help to attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to your property.

If you are looking for a South Jersey landscaping company that is committed to preserving the natural landscape, contact Garden Graphics LLC today. We would be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals.