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South Jersey Landscaping

Landscaping in South Jersey presents a unique challenge. We are surrounded in many communities by the natural beauty of the Pinelands. It is a shame when landscaping companies in South Jersey try to use a one size fits all approach to a property. At Garden Graphics we try very hard to preserve the beauty of our surroundings while adding landscape features that compliment and enhance the natural landscape.

For Example:
A House in Medford Lakes should not have the same cookie-cutter landscaping as a house in a Cherry Hill suburban neighborhood. The Cherry hill house would require more plantings a foliage to achieve a natural look because most neighborhoods in Cherry Hill are surrounded by developed land.

The Medford Lakes home is already surrounded by nature and needs to utilize those existing natural elements in the landscape design. South Jersey landscaping is not about selling clients a service. It is about enhancing the beauty of your home’s natural ¬†surroundings.